Poster for "Who's There?"

Who's There? is a 2011 American horror short filmed in Spain and produced by Pau Masó. The short has special effects using After Effects and is produced on a low budget.

The movie tells a story about two college students who get in trouble while spending the weekend in a camping reserve in Spain.

The film stars Irene González, Ewelina Lukaszewska, Angela Vida, and Jennifer Kent.


  • Irene González as Ashlee Fridenberg
  • Ewelina Lukaszewska as Natalie Hansen
  • Jordi Masó as Police Officer

voice acting:

  • Angela vida as Ashlee Fridenberg
  • Jennifer Kent as Natalie Hansen


Original music by Parker H Davis


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Ashlee Fridenberg (Irene González) and Natalie Hansen (Ewelina Lukaszewska) are two college students. On a crazy week, they decide to take a Ryan Air flight to spend the weekend in the forests in a famous camping reserve in Spain. Expecting other students and party, they find themselves alone until they discover there's a peculiar resident. Christensen Jacobson (Pau Masó), will help them around to discover what the mountains have to offer. What they don't really know is that there's something going on on those mountains.

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